Attar Group 10 MW kohmareh Solar Power Plant

//Attar Group 10 MW kohmareh Solar Power Plant
Attar Group 10 MW kohmareh Solar Power Plant 2018-08-06T20:48:39+04:30

Project Description

  • مکان
    فارس – شیراز – کهمره

  • ظرفیت سامانه
    ظرفیت اسمی: 10 مگاوات

  • مشخصات کار
    تسطیح و فونداسیون
    نصب استراکچر، پنل و اینورتر
    انتقال و اتصال به شبکه
  • پنل
    تولید کننده: Qcellsکره(با مهندسی آلمانی)
    نوع پنل: Polycrystalline
    توان نامی پنل: حداقل 325 وات
    استرینگ‌های 20 پنلی
    بازده: حداقل 16.70%

  • اینورتر
    استرینگ اینورتر و کامباینر: Huawei
    ولتاژ سامانه: 1000 یا 1500 ولت
    بیشترین بازده: 99%

 پرتو انرژی
  • استراکچر خورشیدی
    استفاده از ورق گالوانیزه برای ساخت سازه
    کلیه اتصالات با استفاده از پیچ و مهره
    سبکی سازه نسبت به استفاده از پروفیل
    فونداسیون کوبشی
    سبک و با استحکام
    سازه ثابت یا تک یا دو محوره
    ساخت و طراحی شرکت پرتو انرژی
Project Progress 35%

Attar Group 10 MW kohmareh Solar Power Plant

Design, testing, and equipping the 10 MW solar power plant workshop completed in Shiraz. At this stage and after the initial design, according to the tests, layouts and different perceptions of the land, the operation of designing a 10 MW solar power plant that ended in Shiraz ended.
After the steps of equipping the workshop and completing the fence, the stage of supply of equipment and construction of the structure is underway. All stages of designing, equipping and manufacturing by the Parto Energy team are in progress.
It should be noted that the Attar Group is the owner and Financial provider of the power plant and is a venture capital group.
After the completion of the design phase of the 10 MW Koohmora Power Plant project in Fars province, the technical team of Parto Energy started installing its solar structure and foundation.
Energy beam as a SATBA approved native supplier of solar structures. After designing its unique structures for this system, according to the specific climate, type of panel and inverter, have begun to construct and send structures and foundations to the system, and simultaneously the operation, the construction and delivery of structures and foundations to the site was initiated and simultaneously the foundation and construction work was started by the Parto Energy Project team.

Annual Electricity Production

19,310 MWh

Annual CO2 Emission Reduced

1,500 tons

Annual Water Consumption Reduced

4,248,200 li

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